Your order

Here you can make an order for guitar arrangement with sheet music and tabs


As you know, it is possible to transfer any more or less harmonious song for the guitar. When you

make an order, you receive a unique composition, that no one else has. Your order won't be

offered for sale, unless agreed otherwise. See examples of completed orders here. It is possible to

specify the key and level of skill.

You can choose the target file format: Guitar Pro5 (6), JPG or PDF.

The tabs are written by default, but if you want sheet music only, it's not a problem.


There are several variants of the order. Look through and choose one of them (you can make a

multiple order to save money).


1. The composition of a guitar piece (full arrangement). l will need the original melody in the form of

an audio or video file. The cost starts at $60.

2. The transcribing of a solo guitar piece – from $2O for the sheet music with tabs.

3. The professional accompaniment for the vocal with improvisation if needed - from $15.

4. Writing of tabulature for sheet music (for example, if there are problems with their

Understanding (deciphering)) - from $5.


How to make an order:


1. You need to send me a music file or a reference to the audio or video material. You can make it on

this page or send me an e-mail on vpanokin@gmail.com, using Skype or ICQ. After that we can discuss

the price and timeframes.

2. When your order is ready (l can send you a fragment of the arrangement), once you pay the

balance, i’ll forward to you all material via the method, that suits you best.


The preferable method of payment - transfer via www.shareit.com or Western Union.


Western Union: Panokin Vladimir Nikolaevich, Russia, Zhukovskiy